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120 wannabe treatment. real 120 scans will come soon.


heavy like 10 bags of shit.

i stumbled upon this construction yard by a beach and it looked absolutely amazing with all the oversized excavators and dumptrucks parked nicely as though they were proudly displaying their might for all to see.

was testing out a diffuser

we did a quick one light set up in the living room with one SB800 and a diffuser lit from the top. got my ‘waiter’ to quickly change into his uniform and spent about 10 minutes or so just shooting these natural poses. charleston, my ‘waiter’ was a real sport and we had a great laugh reviewing these shots. here are some of the nicer ones.

I will most likely not be using 20pixels anymore. Oh…snappp! will be my new photoblog. With new prerogatives comes a new brand, hence a new site. I hope many of you all will enjoy your time here at Oh…snappp!